Safety first approach at SPJIMR in the face of COVID-19


Update on 3rd June 2020 

As per notifications and directives of the Government of India and the Maharashtra State Government regarding extension of the Covid19 lockdown to June 30, the institute will continue to operate remotely in this period.

Update on 18 May 2020

As per the directives of the Government of India and the Maharashtra State Government regarding the extension of the coronavirus lockdown till May 31st, the institute will continue to operate remotely in the lockdown period.

Update on 06 May 2020

As per the directives of the Government of India and the Maharashtra State Government regarding the extension of lockdown till May 17th, the institute will continue to operate remotely in the lockdown period.

Update on 14 April 2020 

As per the directives provided by the Government of Maharashtra regarding the extension of the coronavirus lockdown till April 30 in the state, SPJIMR will continue to operate remotely in this lockdown period.

Goverment of Maharashtra DMU/2020/CR92/DisM-1 COVID-19 - The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 - Lockdown Orders

In line with the protocols issued by the Union Government and the Government of Maharashtra with regards to the 21-day nationwide lockdown, the institute would like to highlight the measures it has put in place to contain the spread of the virus and to prioritise the safety and health of our community of students, faculty and staff.

COVID 19 Pandemic: Organizations You Can Support.

Students and Classes

All students have vacated their hostels and are now attending classes remotely from the safety of their homes. The faculty have been adequately trained and state-of-the-art online class delivery systems along with IT support have been deployed for the faculty to conduct their classes from home in a seamless manner. 

Institute Employees

All institute faculty and staff will work from home during the lockdown period and will conference over phone or meeting apps. The necessary training has been provided and the institute's IT support is readily available in case of queries.


All institute events have been cancelled and April's annual convocation stands postponed.

SPJIMR Library

The Library remains closed until further notice. The staff will be operating from home and study materials such as case studies and articles will be made available on-time for all online classes.

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In case of any queries 

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We are monitoring the situation every day and will issue fresh updates where needed. There is no need to panic. Stay safe and healthy.




"The second year classes for PGDM 2019-21 commenced from 13th April 2020, in the online mode of delivery.  

For PGDM 2020-22, Term I commenced on August 1, 2020, in the online mode of delivery. 

The date for the commencement of classes on campus will  be decided in due course. This  decision will be made 

keeping in mind the health and safety of all concerned and also  taking into account the directives of the central and  state governments." 

For updates please keep visiting this page and for more details contact Lisa V Thomas:


PGP-GM at SPJIMR Delhi Centre

Classes for all 3 batches of the 2 years Executive Management Programme PGP-GM, usually held in our Delhi campus, are being conducted online. 

Familiarization sessions were held for faculty, staff and participants to ensure understanding of the online platform. Participants who attended the live online sessions on 21-22 March, were very happy with the experience. 

In spite of the challenges of work-from-home, faculty, as well as participants, are managing to co-create a great learning experience. The programme's staff have ensured the smooth conduct of online classes with minimum disruption in the programme schedule.

Admissions are open for the next batch and interested participants can apply online.


In the current turbulent and uncertain times of Covid-19 pandemic, PGEMP is committed to undisrupted learning for its participants. We have deployed state-of-the art online class delivery systems for conducting sessions online. 

Participants can attend the sessions from the safety of their homes thus ensuring continuous learning and completion of the programme as per the original schedule.

We continue to operate under the new normal for the ongoing batches as well as in welcoming the new participants. We are happy to announce that admissions are open for PGEMP's 77th batch to be launched on May 26, 2020.

Apply online.


The Fellowship Programme in Management is SPJIMR's doctoral programme. During the COVID -19 crisis, the programme has maintained contact with all its scholars who have returned to their hometowns and engaged with them to understand their current realities and constraints to operate out of their homes. Based on ongoing assessments of time available for classes, coursework sessions have been scheduled online. The programme is working closely to ensure effective learning from online sessions, by experimenting with various techniques. Scholars who are in their dissertation phase continue to work on their thesis. However, all field visits for data collection have been put on hold.

Admissions for the next batch of FPM programme is open till 15th July 2020. You can apply for the programme online. In case of any query please feel free to write to us on  or call on 022-61454243.


As soon as the SPJIMR campus shutdown on Mar. 16, 2020, students were sent home to the safety of their families. Our classes got online from Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2020. So, we practically just lost 1 day of sessions, while we were getting ready for real-time online sessions over Zoom and WebEx. GMP participants, the main stakeholders, have cooperated to the fullest extent, during the entire transition. Faculty members conducting our sessions have been extremely supportive and ever-ready to give their best and make the sessions entertaining. We have also successfully completed three online end-term exams. The IT team has been like a pillar of support in this dire time.

Classroom sessions in partner schools in Europe and the US have been cancelled as well and sessions have been moved online. Many of our recent GMP alumni who are still to graduate from partner schools are back home in India.

Our admission process continues to be on a full roll. We cancelled face-to-face interviews and moved to telephonic and zoom interviews with faculties remotely conducting interviews of candidates. Overnight we coordinated with our partner schools to change the interview format. As soon as our round 1 interviews are being done, we pass on the successful candidates to the partner schools for further interviewing. Round 2 interviews are also taking place, simultaneously. Needless to say, partner schools have also stepped up the ladder with the same kind of enthusiasm and conducting remote interviews very efficiently.


The FMB programme has been exploring the possibility of conducting online sessions for the two batches on campus. A pilot was run and tested for an experiential course, 'Business Improvement Project' for FMB Batch 28 on Saturday, 28th March 2020. The mentoring sessions for the BIP course are also planned during the upcoming weeks. 

Given that this course has to do with getting the participants to reflect on their own businesses, this course was received well by the FMB students.

The professors involved in this course have also appreciated the response, and these sessions will be continued.

Before going online, the faculty, staff and select students went through a demo session with the Institute team, to get a clear understanding of online teaching.

The Programme Office is also planning to conduct online sessions for FMB Batch 27 in the upcoming weeks.

The FMB students are also being provided with interesting articles, book read suggestions, and videos so that the period of the lockdown can be utilised as a period for reflection and self-learning.

Admissions are open for the next batch and interested participants can apply online.


Learning continues in times of Covid-19

The times during Covid-19 have been difficult and uncertain. But in PGMPW, we decided to continue with our learning journey. At SPJIMR, we responded with speed to the unprecedented situation, shifting classes online within 3 days of the lockdown. The classes for Semester 1 phase 2b have shifted online. 

Our participants, despite all the challenges, are actively involved in online classes. They are juggling between housework, classes, kids, preparing for tests and finishing assignments; with a smile and commitment to not let these difficult times dampen the spirit of learning.

PGMPW- Advisory Council Meeting

To address the challenges which these difficult times may pose to internships and placements for the batch of 2020; PGMPW is scheduling its online advisory council meeting on 13th April 2020. PGMPW Advisory council consists of HR leaders and D&I Heads of corporates who are committed to the cause of gender diversity and inclusion.

Admissions for the Batch of 2021

PGMPW has opened the admission process for the Batch of 2021 on April 1, 2020. For more information, please visit:



Call or Whatsapp Vaibhavi @ 9930321945


Amidst growing uncertainties due to the COVID19 outbreak, PGPM Class of 2020 are pursuing the online learning mode to keep the energy going.

The programme team has enabled the learning process in the online mode. They have also supported faculty members with adequate training on new online platforms. This change required both the faculty as well as the students to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning. Their flexibility and resourcefulness has enabled us to overcome the constraints and continue with our academic sessions.

PGPM has opened the application process for admissions to the Class of 2021. The last date of application has been extended to August 31, 2020. GMAC scores can be submitted until September 30, 2020. Online scores will be accepted. Any changes in the application process for the next batch will be updated on the website.

For more information, please visit our website and apply to the programme at . 


In case of any query please feel free to, 

Write to us on 


Call on 91 8850686153, +91 7045687955


PGPDM is a specialized 18 month modular executive management programme for professionals working in the Social Development Sector including NGOs, Corporate - CSRs and Social Enterprises. Participants come to campus for 6-8 days in every two months. 

There are three ongoing batches which were scheduled in the month of April 2020 but have now been suspended due to the coronavirus lockdown and new dates are to be announced after there is more clarity on the situation regarding the end of the lockdown period from the Government. Most likely these sessions might be shifted to the month of May or June.

Since participants come from pan India and most of them work in the field and are located at remote locations, internet connectivity is an issue. Hence the institute has decided to have no online classes for the PGPDM programme..

A new batch was scheduled to commence on 11th May 2020, but due to the ongoing situation the start has been has been postponed to June 2020.




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Help out these NGOs

Contribute in any way possible to these NGOs through which many of our PGPDM participants are actively taking part in the fight against Covid-19 at the grassroots level in a variety of ways and are creating a significant social impact. COVID Initiatives

Contribute to the welfare of our Abhyudaya Sitaras

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the incomes of families of our Abhyudaya sitaras have been severely affected. Many families derive their main source of income as daily wage workers or working as maids and are at present not receiving their monthly wages in full, making it extremely tough for them to make ends meet and are unable to purchase or stock the essential groceries required for their families. Apart from this, there are specific cases with medical treatment and other emergency needs for which these families need funds. Domestic Funds Transfer

At SPJIMR we are raising funds so as to release at least INR 1000 per family every month for the next 3 months. We need to raise approximately INR 7.5 lakhs to meet this target.

You can donate generously to address the needs of our sitara families using online bank transfer and can also avail section 80G of the income tax act for tax exemptions on these donations.

Please click on the following links to get the details of online bank transfer as applicable to you:

Domestic Funds Transfer

International Funds Transfer 

Once you have made the transfer, please send an email to using the email template in the attached file: Abhudaya Donation Email.


Alumni initiatives under COVID 19

1. The Pipal Tree Foundation

Founded by our PGEMP, Class of 2008 alumni, Mr. Santosh Parulekar, the organization is initiating a project to provide relief and opportunity to millions of migrant daily wage construction labourers in India who have been rendered jobless and uprooted due to the lockdown caused by COVID 19 in India. They are looking for donors to fund this project so that they can address this issue on a large scale over the next 3 to 6 months. An MD and Promoter of a $3B international fund has agreed to do a matching contribution up to INR 2.5MM. More such donors are coming forward for making matching contributions. 

You can donate generously to address the distress of labourers so that they can train and provide employment to more than 10,000 workers over the next 3 to 6 months.

Please use the link below for your donations. All USD and INR donations are tax-deductible.
US, Canada and other:

India INR donors:




Spearheaded by our alumnus, Mr. Proteek Kundu, from PGDM Class of 1997, the organization helps feed the families of daily wage earners and the poor. 

The nationwide lockdown in light of the Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the best way to combat the crisis till a medical solution is found. While we are all worried about our own livelihood, spare a thought for the thousands of daily wage earners who have lost their means of livelihood and may not be able to sustain themselves and their families for a long time. is helping these daily wage workers so that they don’t have to migrate to their villages or starve in the cities.

You can choose to donate the Corona Survival Kit that has food and hygiene-related products which will be delivered to the beneficiaries through our trusted partner NGO’s across various cities in our  country.

To donate click on :



In addition to the efforts of our alumni, there are plenty of supporting organizations around the country who are working to help the unorganized and vulnerable section impacted due to Coronavirus pandemic. You could make a contribution to these organizations as well. We have compiled a selected list of such organizations with details as to the links to make a donation or learn more about the kind of support they are seeking. You can download the list here: 
COVID 19 Pandemic: Organizations You Can Support


Donations to Central and State Relief Funds

You can also take part in our nation's battle against Covid-19 by making contributions to the PMCares Funds and the Maharashtra Chief Minster's Relief Fund, using the following links:


Maharashtra Chief Minister's Relief Fund


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