SPJIMR Launches programme for NGOs working in cancer care

The S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), a leading school of management, has launched a capacity building programme for community caregivers and NGOs working to support cancer patients and their families.

The one year ‘Organisational Development Programme’ is conceived, developed and delivered by SPJIMR’s Centre for Education in the Social Sector and is supported by Novartis India. The one-of-its-kind programme will cover four modules to be conducted over two days each in the month of May, August, November 2016 and January 2017.

The programme was inaugurated on Monday, May 16 at a formal function in the presence of the leadership team from SPJIMR, Novartis India, faculty members, doctors, NGOs, guests and the Director of the Tata Memorial Hospital and Professor and Chief of Head Neck Services, Dr. Anil D’Cruz.

The inauguration was followed immediately by the first of the four two-day modules held on May 16 and May 17, 2016 at the SPJIMR campus. A total of 43 participants representing 20 NGOs from seven states working for causes related to cancer care are enrolled for the programme, which will cover subjects like strategy formulation, resource mobilisation, finance, governance, advocacy skills, basic counseling skills, among others.

The programme will help participants create a short term and long term roadmap, embrace best practices in cancer care and offer hand holding and support in between modules. The modules will help strengthen organisational management, governance, leadership skills and advocacy.

Speaking on the occasion, SPJIMR Dean Dr. Ranjan Banerjee said: “Through this programme, we will endeavour to build capacities of NGOs, support community workers, caregivers, patient groups and others working for the cause of cancer care and help cancer patients lead productive lives and continue to contribute to the society.”

The Dean said SPJIMR stood as a socially responsible school of management with a mission to influence practice, and explained how the unique programme fitted into the SPJIMR philosophy of serving societal needs.

Dr. Banerjee spoke of three ’P’s: Passion, Process and People, and said, “NGOs and caregivers working for cancer have a passion to serve. What needs to be strengthened are processes and the capacity of the people to enable them deliver greater social impact.”

Dr. Anil D’Cruz, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital, who was the Chief Guest at the inauguration, gave a vivid account of the challenges posed by cancer and the projections for 2020.

He said while two-thirds of the world’s cancer cases were reported in the developed world, more than 70 per cent of cancer deaths were in developing countries. He said this was because a large number of cancer cases are detected at an advanced stage in India. He emphasised different roles that NGOs and support groups can play in identifying the gaps from early detection to care and support and in creating awareness for prevention of cancer and its direct linkage to the use of tobacco.

Dr. D’Cruz complimented SPJIMR and Novartis for working together to launch the unique programme.

Mr. Javed Zia, Country President, Novartis group of companies, India, said, “By associating ourselves with this programme, we are doing our bit to educate the NGOs and caregivers so that they can better relate to and empathise with cancer patients, taking care of them in a much better way and helping them fight the disease more effectively.”


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“I had an impression that most management schools focus on development of business skills. But I was amazed to see your faculty teaching us how the NGOs can be helpful in strategic working, planning, fund-raising and other issues related to improvement in Cancer and Thalassemia care.

The training implemented here in “Saksham” has given me a new dimension, new energy and a broader way to think and act for holistic Cancer care. In my professional life, it will help me, in an organized way to improve prevention, awareness, early detection, and care. I am sure it will have significant impact in improving my personal life.”

- Dr. Lalit Mohan Sharma, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital Research Centre, Jaipur, India

“ Saksham is an amazing short-term module to make our objective more achievable, with maximum utilization of our limited resources. Great learning!

It is surely a turning point for our organization, and personally for me. It is a great personal gain for me to take on the leadership role, and move Jharkhand Thalassemia Foundation to another level.”

- Mr. Atul Gera, Jharkhand Thalassemia Foundation, Ranchi, India

“Saksham has been one of the unique initiatives to build the capability of Patient organisations. Industry-academia partnership has not only empowered 60+ patient organisations, but also connected them as an alliance. Patient groups always had “passion and purpose”, but sometimes they needed more inputs on “process”.

SPJIMR used the latest pedagogy, including design thinking, to provide the best of class learning opportunity.”

Prabhat Kumar Sinha, Head - Communications, Policy and Patient Advocacy, Novartis India, Mumbai, India



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