Leadership Lectures

PGMPW Batch of 2020 was extremely pleased to have Ms Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor, share her insights on the main priorities and considerations of women entering the workforce after a career break.
She believes “Personal Branding and Networking” is the key to building one’s career along with the importance of a healthy work-life balance which helps one to perform well and keep stress at bay.
She shared her experience on increasing efficiency by prioritizing things and the relevance of “Quality over Quantity”. It is important to come out of our comfort zone and overcome the barriers to keep moving up in the professional life.
Her remarkable views on Post-COVID job opportunities, the shift in corporate attention towards employee experience and highlighting the qualities that as a woman we already possess - enhanced the confidence of the batch.
This marvellous session ended with her empathetic words “All success in life is about relationships and putting other’s first” with a suggestion to read “Never Eat Alone” to enhance our networking ability.
Amazing learning. Thank You !!

PGMPW 2020 batch had an enriching interaction with Ms Madhura DasGupta Sinha - Founder & Mentor for Aspire for Her & member of Spjimr Pgmpw Advisory Council. An alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, she has worked in different leadership roles in IDFC First Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & ANZ Grindlays Bank.

Ms Sinha shared her experience of being part of the leadership team which created the 83rd bank of India-IDFC First Bank. She highlighted the transformation of her journey from "dealing with customers & outward focus" to "inward focus & moving to HR" in IDFC First Bank

Her belief to “build something which she can herself relate to” led to Aspire for Her Foundation (a non-profit organization) which helps young women enter the workforce - This is an expression to her passion for diversity and equality in the workplace

She guided the batch on networking skills and the importance of connecting with the right people at the right time which would help our participants in future endeavours.

SPJIMR PGMPW Class of 2020 had an online interactive session with Ms.Alka Bhagat, Head - Strategy, Corporate Accounts, New Business Development South Asia at BASF and also member of SPJIMR PGMPW Advisory board.
MS. Alka Bhagat has carved her career path starting from IIT Delhi to alumni of IIM B.

She gave great insights from her journey and shared three success mantras she adhered to “Hard work , Discipline and Agility to adapt” Today she worked as one of the youngest women leaders in her team, sharing her work experiences.

She threw light on the different leadership roles she took along her professional life. The session also included anecdotes about how she overcame her fears and shortcomings in professional life and discussed the tough choices she made to follow her passion.

Her session boosted the confidence of our batch in these difficult times and inspired us to replicate passion into professions. Ms. Alka closed her interactive session saying “Follow your dreams, build on your confidence, success will surely follow ”Overall an enriching and energising session for all of us!

PGMPW Participants had an interesting interaction with Dr. Avantika Tomar from Mercer. She gave great insights from her journey which started from a small town in UP to today where she is working in London with a big HR consulting firm.

She shared about what her leadership learnings have been from the places she has been to and the companies she has worked with. She threw light on a career in HR Consultancy and clarified on what it entails.  



PGMPW 2020 participants had an interactive session with Dr. Raj Menon, CEO of The Menon Group, Inc. & President of Flat World Design, a promotional marketing company in Texas.

His life story was really inspiring. It shows diversity doesn’t stick to the only gender but a change in thought is also diversity. It could be anything.

He also shared his un-stereotype story, where in spite of holding 4 degrees he decided to be 'Stay At Home Dad' (SHD).

He shared his “Success” definition by Babe Ruth example of called shot, when before hitting the ball Babe Ruth said “I looked out at center field and I pointed. I said, 'I'm gonna hit the next pitched ball right past the flagpole!”



Participants of PGMPW Batch 2020 were privileged to host Shuchita Singh Basu, People Functions Head at R&L BU, Program Manager, LP, D&I Lead for Atos Syntel during their industry interaction.  

She shared stories over conversations on managing careers, dealing with conscious and unconscious biases, organizational expectations, choices, second career options and opportunities and much much more. Overall an enriching and energizing session for the entire batch.



SPJIMR PGMPW 2020 batch was privileged to have Ms Garima Rastogi, Head - Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion, Mahindra Logistics.

Key points shared with the batch on 3 PL model, work culture of Mahindra Logistics, work life integration, diversity in the corporate and right approach for prospective opportunities in the company. 



Participants of PGMPW Batch 2020 were privileged to host Dr.Sachin Gulati ,Director India Campus Recruitment-AMERICAN EXPRESS during their first industry interaction. 

The interactive session comprised of discussions around company's profile,aspirations and expectations of the participants from the company.Special insights were given about how to "Unlearn and Learn" new capabilities in technology. The batch also understood the cross functional growth trajectory of the speaker and encouragement provided by AMEX for his aspirations to grow in the company.


Participants of PGMPW were privileged to host Mr. Ajit Thomas Stephen, CEO and Mr. Prakash Somaiya, Head-India Development Centre from Centelon for an enriching organisation interaction.

They shared their entrepreneurial journey with a vision that ‘we learn as we go’ along with their core principles of being :'Intelligent, Collaborative, Simplified’


PGMPW Batch 2019 had the opportunity to interact with Ms.Anubha Shukla, Head Business Development- Distributed/ Rooftop Solar at Mahindra & Mahindra.
Ms.Anubha, a young sales head of Mahindra Susten has defined Sales role for the participants
“Sales is not pursuing Agenda, but offering Value to the customer ”
She advised the all women batch to go for sales roles without any inhibitions. 
She added insights on two key areas : 
What is holding  women back in taking up Sales roles and  Why sales roles make sense for women! 

She concluded the session by adding that Sales comes naturally to women and opportunities must be explored in these roles.


PGMPW batch 2019 had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Ashok Ramchandran, Group Executive President - Human Resources at Aditya Birla Group.

Mr. Ramchandran discussed the four core management lessons the batch must acquire during the course:

• Acquiring functional depth of the subject with emphasis on conceptual learning

• Understanding of the subject which comes from perspective, reading and gaining knowledge

• Developing a point of view about the industry

• and ability to communicate.

Mr. Ramchandran discussed the 30-60-90 plan which he follows and idea of having an accountability partner. He also spoke about the trends in the industry and diversity inclusions across industries.

It was a wonderful session and the participants were highly motivated to restart their journey to the workplace. 


Mr. Sarvesh Ghatnekar, Associate Director, Sales HR, Kellogg  addressed the PGMPW 2019 batch. It was a highly  interactive session where he advised the students on the smooth transition back to corporate life and important dos and don'ts during the recruitment process.  


Mr. Rahul Sinha, President-HR, Pidilite Industries along with his team, addressed the batch. He introduced "Pidilite way of working"  and advised the students on the smooth transition back to corporate life. 


Ms. Savita Mittra, Area Talent Acquisition Director APAC at Abbott, addressed the third batch of the Postgraduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW), discussing her leadership journey and management philosophy, and providing career advice which will help the students have a more comfortable transition back to the corporate space. 

She also spoke about the trends in the Asian Healthcare industry, Abbott’s strong commitment to diversity and the importance of having more women in the workplace and in leadership positions. She also held discussions with the batch on challenges commonly faced by women as they grow within their careers, how to overcome them and her own personal experiences over the years, to help them build successful careers of their own as they transition back to the workplace.


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