How does GMP work?

As the credits acquired from GMP program are accepted by partner schools for successful completion of their degree, GMP Office works in close coordination with partner schools. GMP program is divided into three phases – Foundation, Term – I and Term – II. A mix of global curriculum and faculty, classroom and non-classroom sessions, and simulations provide a diverse learning experience. GMP provides exposure to General Management courses, with a focus on electives that prepare participants for the specializations at partner schools. GMP offers comprehensive knowledge in management disciplines, cross-cultural communications, negotiations and international business leadership & strategy, in a truly global environment. International internships lead to global employability.

Foundation covers some of the basic courses like Communication Skills, Management Storytelling, Personal Growth Lab, Microeconomics, Managerial Accounting, Quantitative Methods, and so on. Term – I offers courses based on the Foundation modules. It includes courses like Macroeconomics, Business Research Methods, Marketing Management, Operations, Management Accounting, etc. Term – II comprises of advanced courses and electives that are aligned with the requirements of partner schools. Some of the electives are, Econometrics, R and R Studio, Media Management, Digital Marketing, Responsible Management, Consulting, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Blockchain, and so on.

Each course can be anywhere between 0.5 credit to 2.0 credits. Typically, a credit requires 16 to 18 sessions of 70 mins each. This is substantiated with pre-reading, post-reading, assignments, group work activities and tests, quizzes and exams. In total a one credit course should take around 36 to 40 hours of your time. Every course has multiple evaluation pedagogy – it could be individual assignment, group assignment, mid-term exam, end-term exam, quizzes, tests, presentations, etc. In most cases, the course outline is circulated before a course starts – it contains the evaluation pedagogy.

GMP Guidelines helps a participant understand what is expected in terms of academic performance and discipline when on campus. Every student has to take 23 credits for successful completion of GMP. As several of these courses are required are aligned with the partner school’s first semester, the grades are transferred to the partner school towards completion of their semester while the participant is in SPJIMR. On completion, the final degree is awarded by the partner school, along with the GMP certification. The programmes offered in collaboration with GMP are FT ranked and high level of acceptance to ensure easy access to internship and placement opportunities.


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