Cummins-SPJIMR Social Impact Awards 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SPJIMR celebrated the annual Social Impact Awards 2016, bringing together students and non-profits to recognise projects and stories born out of the rural internship programme run as a part of the pioneering DoCC initiative.

SPJIMR’s DoCC, which stands for Development of Corporate Citizenship, runs rural internship programmes under which all participants intern with non-profits for six weeks before they work go for corporate internships. The projects so generated are then evaluated and the top five of these are honoured at the Social Impact Awards every year.

The five NGOs invited for the award this year were:

1. “Snehadhar” of NGO “Snehalaya” from Ahmednagar Maharashtra undertaken by Ashutosh Bhujabala & Atmaja; 
2. “Sustainable Business Model” of NGO “GRAMA” from Chitradurga, Karnataka undertaken by Ashwin Jayaraman & Arjun Harish; 
3. “Expansion Trajectory” of NGO “Rural Healthcare Foundation” from Kolkata, West Bengal undertaken by Antariksha Banerjee; 
4. “Expansion Strategy” of NGO “SAWERA” from Amritsar, Punjab undertaken by Dhara Popat; 
5. “Development of an eco-friendly packaging solution for local retailers” of NGO “Eco-Ad” from Pune Maharashtra.

The top award was won by Eco-Ad which incidentally also received an order from the sponsor of the awards Cummins for innovative high-strength paper bags to replace thin plastic bags. The second award went to Grama and the third to Rural Healthcare Foundation.

The evening saw performance by the children of St. Catherine's Home. The performance received a standing ovation and a thumping applause. Mr. Anand Nevatia of Rural Healthcare Foundation immediately announced that his prize money would be donated for the welfare of the children.

Said SPJIMR Dean Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, “We are saying that students of premier B-Schools need to be aware of their country in totality. If they understand India in totality, it will be good for the country, good for the companies they will work in and good for sustainable development. Too often, our B-Schools we are churning out graduates who have never seen a village. I believe that by just that exposure you are starting to change the things.”

Added Dr. Nirja Mattoo, Chairperson – DoCC, “Management is universal. It just cannot be applied to the corporate sector, but also the social sector. When I came to SPJIMR, this DoCC was a small initiative. Our former dean Dr. M. L. Shrikant had this dream of sensitising the students to ground realities of larger India and to give them an exposure to rural India. That is the area where management is really important.”

“I think this is a very special moment for all of us. It gives me immense pleasure to see the people we have been working with for so many years on one stage this evening,” she further added.

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