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Located in the heart of Miami, The College of Engineering at the University of Miami has grown to be an icon for innovation. Since 1947, it has earned the reputation as the home of change makers and forward thinkers that transform today’s future. It has a diverse network of over 11,000 alumni, close to 100 renowned faculty experts forging the next generation of engineers who will continue to create change and lead the way.




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Management of Technology

The Master of Science in Management of Technology (MOT) concentrates on training the next generation of engineers and managers on how technology change affects the global market as well as management practice, organizational culture, operational procedures, labour relations and marketing. College graduates and industry professionals enrol to learn from the academic leaders at the intersection of business and engineering, equipping themselves with technological enterprise management skills to last a lifetime.

Facts about Management of Technology (MOT)

Enlargement of the world-wide manufacturing base has increased competition in domestic and international markets. This shift in manufacturing capabilities, and the speed and scope of change in technological innovations, has brought technology and the management of technology to the center of world-wide attention. Competitive power in world markets depends largely upon timely identification of technological opportunities, their integration into operations and subsequent transfer into the marketplace. In order to survive and to succeed in this dynamic environment, management must appreciate the importance of technological matters in corporate policy, and must be able to respond in a timely and rational manner to the challenges that are created by fast technological changes.

Therefore, decision makers, as well as engineers with technical management responsibilities, must be conversant in technological issues that affect a firm's business strategy. This requires the understanding of technological innovation and technology transfer processes, as well as the effect of these new technologies on management practice, organizational structure, operational procedures, labour relations and marketing. In recognition of the need in both private and public sectors for managers and engineers who are knowledgeable in technological issues and problems the Department of Industrial Engineering in the College of Engineering and the Department of Management in the School of Business Administration, at the University of Miami, jointly offer an interdisciplinary Master of Science Program in the Management of Technology.

The program consists of lectures, group discussions, case studies, and projects to form the basis and demonstrate the effects of technological changes in various parts of business activities and ways and means for dealing with them. Integration of new and advanced technologies in various industries is discussed and demonstrated.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering constantly evolves, impacting our day to day lives. Nowadays, we can carry the latest technological trends in the pal of our hands. In addition, it also gives us the tools to build, design, develop, maintain and retire software. As a result, we impact our world, making it more effective and safe.

The micro-credential course on software engineering essentials will explain how applications work, interact and provide value to individuals and organizations. It explores software development techniques, cloud-based applications and mobile and device software applications.

Software Engineering is concerned primarily with the systematic and disciplined approach to developing software systems. It requires the application of both computer engineering and computer science principles and practices to the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems and applications. Software systems are becoming increasingly complex, and emerging technologies are pushing the boundaries of reusable components and software quality assurance.

The Master’s program in Software Engineering is directed to professionals who want to advance their competency (knowledge, skills and disposition) in the software arena. This program allows the professional to move beyond the simple view of software as an exercise in "coding". It encompasses the overall process of software development with an emphasis on developing the skills needed to design, develop, and manage large and small software-related projects in diverse fields. The program also offers courses in various application areas including Artificial Intelligence and Learning, Cyber-Security, Cloud-based and Mobile application development, Data analysis and Data science.

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