The Basic Module

The DBI programme is structured to address critical issues that the international businesses must know in order to be effective when competing and collaborating, directly or indirectly with Indian firms both in and outside India.

The programme exposes the participants to the business environment in India. Our faculty team and experts clearly elucidate the 'Entry Strategies' as well as the 'Regulatory & Legal Environment' of doing business in India, making it easier for the participants to take their first steps. The programme attempts to sensitize the participants to the specific socio-cultural aspects of Indian consumers and businesses through workshops on 'Consumer Behavior', 'Communication & Negotiation' and 'Cross Cultural Management'. 

The Basic Module of 'Doing Business in India' attempts to map the business opportunities from three angles:

India as a market

The markets are expanding as the large population of 1.2 billion continues to increase and higher economic growth improves their purchasing power. The consumption boom in India is real and would last long as the propensity to consume is high in the young, 70% of India’s population is under the age of 30.

India as a sourcing partner 

A large pool of young, cheap, skilled, English speaking workforce and the availability of other resources make India a suitable sourcing partner. With the second largest scientific, technical and executive manpower in the world India is emerging as a manufacturing hub for automobiles petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. India is ideally suited for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). 

India as an investment destination 

Huge opportunities for physical investment are opening up as the government and businesses are creating additional capacity in infrastructure, manufacturing and services. India offers higher return on investments that are safe as the financial sector comprising of banking, insurance and money & capital markets is well regulated.

Other activities in Mumbai 

  • Sight seeing in and around Mumbai
  • Theatre/Classical Dance/Music
  • Yogaee
  • Interaction with SPJIMR faculty, students, alumni and corporate executives

Specific Interest Module

We customize the programmes to the requirements and specific interests of participating organizations. This module can be designed around a specific theme, for e.g.

  • India Marketing Strategy Programme
  • Manufacturing and outsourcing opportunities in India
  • Opportunities in the Service Sector
  • Opportunities in the IT Sector
  • Social Enterprises


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