'Knowledge, Vibrancy, Originality'

Ranjan Banerjee

Author: Ranjan Banerjee

Date: Sat, 2016-09-03 00:31

A few months back, I teamed up with Snehal Shah and R Gopalakrishnan to put together a workshop on thought leadership for our faculty.

The workshop revealed many things, but put us firmly on a journey. We reaffirmed our faith in the depth and breadth of shared wisdom that exists in the faculty body. We also emphasised a truth - that knowledge is converted into wisdom only when it is shared.

The faculty resolved to begin a shared journey to thought leadership. Three months down the line, the first small step in that journey is visible. This is the SPJIMR blog- the thoughts, musings, reflections and ideas of our eclectic and celebrated faculty.

We would like you to read these pieces, comment on them, share them, and if you are a member of our community, join the movement by writing for us. The SP blog will become a platform for students, staff , faculty and alumni. It will showcase our knowledge, vibrancy and originality and will be part of a set of knowledge building and sharing initiatives that will put us firmly on the path to thought leadership.

Long ago, Descartes said 'I think, therefore I am'. We will expand that to 'We think, write, and share; Therefore, we have the power to change the world."


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<p>I truly beleive that this is the best time "&nbsp;to learn"...and what is better than learning from the experiences &amp; knowledge of our teachers! Since its time for digital India...i would really want to explore&nbsp;this blog in the playstore of my&nbsp;phone...some time soon .</p>

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