SPJIMR inaugurates FMB Batch 23

Monday, April 24, 2017

Batch 23 of SPJIMR’s pioneering Family Managed Business (FMB) programme was launched on Monday (April 24) with participants and their mentors gathering together for the launch and orientation day ceremonies.

The batch was inaugurated on the day SPJIMR announced that one of its senior faculty members, Prof. Vijay Sampath, had assumed charge as the Head of the Centre for FMB. The FMB programme is the largest offering of the Centre.

The Chief Guest at the function today was Mr. Mohan Mariwala, Managing Director, Auto Hangar India Pvt. Ltd., a business which traces its roots five generations back.

Mr. Mariwala left the participants with three key observations. He said, “Absorb value from traditions. Take strengths from the past. There are no guarantees in businesses, only opportunities.”

“Being an entrepreneur is a unique position, which can only be understood by an entrepreneur himself,” he added.

The Dean, Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, spoke of the significance of learning that has less to do with certificates and marks and more to do with assuming leadership and taking the responsibility for learning. He said, “You have to be a learner for life. When you look at learning, there are three components of learning - formal, informal and self-directed..."

"Going forward, only you are responsible for your learning,” added Dr. Banerjee.

He echoed the views of Mr. Sampath, Head - Centre for FMB, "You will succeed if you learn to learn and acquire knowledge far beyond the programme. The immediate satisfaction of applying your learning and the thrill of solving your business programmes is unparalleled."

Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar, Programme Head - FMB, introduced the programme architecture to the new batch of participants, who, she said, will now have the benefit of networking with a 3,000 strong FMB alumni base. FMB alumni are spread across the nation and form an active group that can help support, bond and build new connections and opportunities for SPJIMR's FMB participants and graduates, Dr. Jayakumar said.

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