PGPM hosts panel discussion on ‘Transformational leadership’

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PGPM’s inaugural panel discussion on Transformational Leadership took place on 24 February 2017. The esteemed panel was comprised of Mr Joydeep Roy, Senior Director of Human Resources at PWC, Mr. Abhishek Tiwary, Executive Director, People Strategy & Operations at KPMG and Dr. Keith D'Souza, Professor, Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources at SPJIMR. The event was moderated by Dr. Jayasudha Bandi, Assistant Director, Career Planning & Placements at SPJIMR.

Mr. Roy explained that the most important attribute of transformational leaders is the ability to inspire and create new leaders. He also mentioned that transformational leaders may be present at any level in an organisation, and that they make deliberate efforts to go above and beyond the requirements of their job title.

Mr. Tiwary drew from his career in the armed forces to explain that transformational leaders create an environment of camaraderie in their teams. The bonds of brotherhood lead to a high level of trust and loyalty towards the leader and the team. He explained that trust and loyalty are critical to success in all high-pressure work environments, including the corporate sector.

Dr. D’Souza presented examples from academics to highlight the importance of empathy in transformational leaders. He quoted Rick Tate’s book to explain that people leave managers and not the organisation. Dr. D’Souza explained that it is imperative for leaders to invest in the personal well-being of their team members. He highlighted that this has tangible benefits for the organisation in terms of employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

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