Our Mission

Our mission is to Influence Practice and Promote Value-based Growth . Our students will recognise, understand, and uphold the social relevance of business decisions, including within the underserved sections of society.

We uphold this mission because we recognise our twin roles – as a responsible member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and as a responsive member of Indian society at large – and look at ourselves in a wider context as a ‘Beyond MBA’ institution.

We will accomplish our mission through:

(a) learner-centric pedagogy that will emphasise attitudes, including spirituality, and skills as much as knowledge;

(b) exposing students to value-based growth in underserved parts of our communities;

(c) synthesis – in our intellectual contributions and curriculum – of competition- based Western efficiency and collaboration-centric Eastern ethos; and

(d) intellectual contributions aimed at influencing practice.

In our students, we recognise a predisposition and willingness to be a doer first. We also emphasise sensitivity to the social footprint of business actions and the role of spirituality in a balanced approach to decision making.

In our faculty members, we recognise a commitment to delivering outstanding learner-centric pedagogy by taking advantage of the personal, residential nature of our programmes. We also require them to create and disseminate knowledge aimed at influencing practice.

As a community, we will realise these objectives through integrity, self-accountability, professional discipline, and hard work.

We value operational freedom and uphold an entrepreneurial, agile, flexible, and collaborative culture.



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