Ojas 9

Friday, February 3, 2017

SPJIMR played host to its annual management and cultural festival, OJAS, on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of January, 2017. OJAS has been a tradition at SPJIMR for 8 years, and the 9th edition promised to be bigger and better than the previous ones. On the back of the hard work of the students and faculty involved in organising the festival, OJAS 9 lived up to the billing.

The theme for OJAS 9 was Around The World, wherein management case studies were set in various countries of the world to bring an international flavour to the competition on display. This year, OJAS was a celebration of the complexities and learnings that different parts of the world have to offer. In keeping with the theme, the campus was decorated in a breathtakingly beautiful manner, the likes of which SPJIMR has never seen before. Mere words might not do justice, so please take a look at the pictures in the album! The campus wore an even more beautiful look thanks to SPRINT 2017, the annual sports festival of SPJIMR, which is organised on the same days as OJAS.

Across a whirlwind three days, students from the best business schools around India battled it out against each other for the top prizes. In addition to the management case studies, there was the annual Pro-Nite where top musical performers have visited SPJIMR over the years to enthrall the audience. This year, ‘The Local Train’ was at hand to keep us dancing to their tunes. There was also a hilarious improv comedy night conducted by the group ‘Kaamedy Inc.’.

We sincerely hope that each and every participant took back precious memories with them as a result of the competitions and the experience on campus.

OJAS 9 successfully took 4000+ people on a trip around the world and we wait with bated breath for the next edition to sweep us off our feet.

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