Monsoon Masti

Saturday, July 2, 2016

What happens at SPJIMR’s PGDM when the rains bring their magic and the weekend brings some free time?

On July 2 and 3, it was time for “Monsoon Masti”, a celebration like none other, as PGDM participants mingled with school children they mentor, making a total of about 500 people who turned a rain soaked weekend into an exciting opportunity to  bond, learn from each other and play.

Together, they set the stage for what will be a year-long mentoring course called Abhyudaya, an award winning non-classroom initiative, under which PGDM participants mentor underprivileged school children, who are the mentees, and are called ‘sitaras’.

Over hot gulab jamuns and a variety of Mumbai’s very own speciality chaats, the mentor-mentee pairs hand painted Warli art on flowerpots, which were then put up for sale. PGDM students performed impromptu with their guitars and also joined in the games played by the ‘sitaras’.

The flowerbeds with the white stick figures that are a hallmark of the Warli paintings are on display on campus. The Abhyudaya office put them up for sale at Rs. 250 per pot with the plant. Proceeds will go towards supporting the Abhyudaya initiative.

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