Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness - A Programme for Emerging Leaders

Programme Overview

In the hyper competitive globalised business landscape, organisations are in continual search of ways and means to outperform their competitors. It is being increasingly recognised that in the volatile business environment when work activities and structures are fast changing, the ability of an organisation to harness the potential of its human resource is critical for its survival and success. Organisations need leadership at all levels to harness their human resources. Developing future leaders has accordingly assumed strategic significance.

Today’s managerial role is becoming highly complex. It is not limited to problem-solving and decision-making. To be effective, a manager needs to manage ‘self’ and adapt to the situations and people. Successful managers will require competencies to create an enabling environment to engage and motivate their teams to contribute to their full potential. Acquiring leadership competency is a sina qua non for an effective manager.  The programme aims to equip future leaders with the requisite skills set to better manage themselves and their teams, and effectively perform their managerial functions.  

Programme Objectives

  • To enhance self-awareness and self-effectiveness
  • To develop problem solving and decision making capabilities.
  • To develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • To provide skills to manage and resolve  work place conflicts
  • To build synergistic teams
  • To develop leadership competencies

Programme Benefits

The programme will benefit managers in areas of decision-making, personal effectiveness, leading teams etc. and will help in their professional advancement and organisation development. It will augment the leadership pool in the organisation.

It will benefit organisations who want to improve tomorrow's results by improving the current effectiveness and efficiency of their existing workplaces.

Who should attend?

This programme is intended for participants expected to take leadership roles in the future and targets mid-level managers from mid to large organisations in different functional areas with demonstrated achievements and having been identified as potential leaders.

Programme Content

  • Enhancing self-management ability- understanding self, interpersonal effectiveness, effective communication
  • Building synergistic teams- understanding team dynamics, team roles and team structures
  • Task effectiveness- planning and prioritization, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution approaches.
  • Inculcating leadership competencies- exploring leadership roles, styles and behaviours

Programme Pedagogy

The programme will make use of a mix of pedagogical tools as appropriate to themes. It will be delivered through action and experiential learning. The approach in the programme would be to engage participants through a variety of learning tools and techniques, viz., Case studies, Group exercises,  Role Plays, In-basket exercises, Management games, Psychometric profiling, etc.

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