DOCC Diary

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Development of Corporate Citizenship, or DOCC, is a course that aspires to sensitise SPJIMR’s participants to the Indian ethos and culture by working as a partner with development programmes, projects in the non-profit sector, and related stakeholders. In addition to involvement with several development programmes, the Centre also facilitates and provides experiential learning to PGPM participants. DOCC thus works as a bridge between rural stakeholders and budding managers and leaders from the participant base of SPJIMR. Participants learn about ground level conditions, challenges and opportunities, notably in rural India, while NGOs get managerial inputs from SPIMR’s participants during the phase of DOCC internships.

The PGPM Batch of 2016 went for a 2 week internship at 42 NGOs across the country in 5 states, all at rural locations, and students worked on 142 different projects. The projects catered to social issues like healthcare, child education, rehabilitation, women empowerment, awareness and several other operational issues the NGOs have been struggling with for some time. A woman who has 21 years of industry experience, a person who has travelled to 6 continents, a person who has spent half of his career not on earth but on water, and person who has 2 patents in his name in the area of next gen telecommunication - now imagine all of them sitting together at a table and the kind of ideas that would be coming out to solve the real life, on ground problems of rural India.
This is the PGPM batch of 2016, which has an average work experience of 7 years spanning across diverse industries and organizations.

I went to Ahmednagar, Maharashtra for my DOCC project. Snehalaya - Home of Love, the name justifies itself to the best of words. The home, opens with love, its arms wide for all the deprived sections of society – women victims of domestic violence, assaulted women, HIV positive people, HIV positive kids who have been abandoned by their families, all under one roof, living happily and giving a new meaning to their life by engaging in vocational activities and learning to lead a self-sustaining life with dignity.

Hope. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. I could comprehend the essence of this phrase from a movie when I worked for the “Centre of Hope”. The Centre of Hope is one of the key projects of Snehalaya where they provide vocational and technical training to underprivileged children, children from slums and children of sex workers of Ahmednagar area.  The children there needed a direction in life, a career path and more than that, a will, a motivation that they could make their lives meaningful.

They really gave me hope, hope in this country’s future, hope in humanity and hope that people are not ready to give up but to fight their situation, were the people whom I met at the Centre of Hope.
Smita Dilip Gandhi gave me the hope that there is no age for acquiring education. She had just cleared her 12th standard exams along with her daughter in the same year. She now plans to enroll herself in evening college along with her day duty helping her husband at the store they run. Yogesh Mandhrey gave me the hope that however bad the situation is, if someone wants to move ahead in life using education as an elevator, they can.  Yogesh has a single parent and he works to fund his BCA education.

I, along with my co-participants conducted several counseling sessions, English speaking sessions and showed them the concept of design thinking by activities which involved out of the box thinking. Those two weeks made me realise that our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind. I’d like to thank SPJIMR and DOCC for giving me such an opportunity to answer life’s most persistent question -“What are you doing for others?”

Kunal Gulati
PGPM Class of 2016


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